Start up

We assist project holders and start-ups in defining their development and valuation strategy for  “clean” technologies.

Financial valuation

Fundraising is necessary for technology start-ups: we have developed a ValoFin method for the valuation of their intangible assets (patents, know-how, software, trademarks).

This original method, approved with experience, is a part of the development strategy that we offer to our clients.


A start-up, which owns several patents in the fields of electronics and computers, needs to reinforce its capital stock. It relies on L.BRANDON to value some of its patents and to bring them to the company capital. Capital stock of the company has been increased by more than 600k€.

Economic valuation

A start-up applied a patent for an information technology presentation device on multi-format screen. Study and prototyping are carried out internally.

BRANDON VALORISATION identifies an industrial company from the same activity domain and negotiates an exclusive license concession for European Union.

LEONARD is a method, which enables the generation of income from IP rights through licensing.