S.M.I. – S.M.E.

In a difficult economic context, that type of company often depends on major principals and is subject to strong competition.

The implementation of an own-products operating strategy is necessary to maintain activity and develop SME/SMI.

Different issues arise during the life of a company: starting, growth, strengthening activity, diversification, fundraising, transmission, etc…


  • To advise about:
    • Diversification of activity through the integration of innovative patented processes/products
    • Partnership agreements or technology transfer
    • Financial valuation of intangible assets (patents and associated know-how, trademarks, software, etc…) to strengthen capital stock
  • To propose a strategy for the protection of industrial property rights and valuation: how to generate income from protected innovations?
  • To audit patents portfolios: to optimize management, reduce the costs, asses the valuation potential and generate income
  • To support companies in the search for partnerships,, negotiation and implementation. For example:
    • Co-development
    • License concession or acquisition
    • Consortium agreements
    • Cession/transfer of rights
    • Distribution agreements
    • Industrial and/or financial backing
    • Etc.