International support

For the company, when a product or process is the subject of an internationally extended patent, the rights holder is entitled to additional and durable income by license concessions in unexploited territories and/or sectors or domains not in competition.

For a research centre, laboratory or university, which does not intend to directly implement the results of its work, their developments should be protected and promoted through licencing and technology transfer to the industry, in France or abroad.

It is the job/mission of BRANDON VALORISATION:

  • To advise on:
    • Protection strategy with the firm BRANDON IP (ex BLETRY)
    • Activity diversification strategy
    • Economic valuation (transfer) of industrial property rights, or how to collect revenue from an innovation
  • To support target identification, negotiation and implementation of operating agreements, such as:
    • Licensing
    • Distribution agreements/commercialization
    • Rights transfer