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Founded in 1991, L.BRANDON supports its clients and partners in their economic development through innovation.

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New premises in the south of Paris

  • BRANDON opened in August 2013 a second office in Orléans (near Loire castles…).
    This regional branch gathering BRANDON and its IP associated firm BLETRY is dedicated to advise local companies and laboratories on matters such as innovation transfer, IP development, IP financial valuation, IP protection and development strategy.


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The « Y wire » is going to be industrialised soon !


After several months of negotiations, BRANDON is glad to announce the rights assignment of Mr Jolly’s IP portfolio (including patents, trademarks and domain names) related to the Y wire champagne cap technology.


Acoustics and sound diffusion


BRANDON is mandated by the CSTB to develop, in France and abroad, a technology that gives the possibility of changing acoustics of concert halls.

This electro acoustic solution developed by CSTB Grenoble Laboratories, permits adaptation of the acoustic characteristics/performances of a concert hall, depending on the nature of the show (symphony, opera, variety, etc.).

Different patents protect this technology, in place in several concert halls, in France and abroad.